Favorite Foto Friday

Another week has come and gone. It has been a busy week in the Weeks’ house as we have been trying to get our basement ready before our guests arrive for the Thanksgiving weekend. Big progress was made this week. The sheetrock is finished and with the help of our son Josh, everything is painted (although some spots need a second coat). Yesterday the carpet guy came out and put down new padding then re-stretched and laid the carpet. This weekend the trim goes in and on Monday the carpets will be cleaned. It’s finally starting to look like we’ll have a usable basement again.

Today has been spent gathering more documents for our Ethiopia adoption and shopping for the Thanksgiving weekend. I found a 25 lb turkey, which isn’t always easy to do. And yes, I mean a 25 lb turkey. We are going to have around 20 people here for Thanksgiving dinner and I want to have left-overs. Next week I’ll buy my fresh produce and on Tuesday I’ll start baking my desserts. I love entertaining, although it is going to be a little bit of a challenge this year. I may have to put Lili to work on some pie crusts 🙂

Since we were out the majority of the day, Lili is worn out. She fell asleep in the van on the way home and woke up when I got her out of her car seat. However, by the time we got into the house, she was on her way out again. I laid her in the recliner and she’s been asleep ever since. Of course this gave me a great opportunity to snap a couple new pictures for FFF.

I think she’s tired.


  1. Hey I need a gobbler that size!! We always have around 30 or so folks here for Christmas so I’m always looking for the biggest turkey in town!!Cute sleeping beauty!!

  2. I agree with Reba, they always look so sweet when they sleep and you think, “how could I have ever been mad at you for putting your brother’s legos in the toilet earlier?” I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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