Word Count

Several people have asked me about Lili’s speech abilities lately. Since this blog has pretty much taken the place of a baby book, I thought it would be a good time to list all the words Lili is currently saying, along with the pronunciation of those words.

Dad – Dada
Mom – Mama
Liliana – Nawnaw
Ben – Bi or Ba
Dog – Gog
Jada – Ada
Lexie – Ieie
Apple – pul pul
Cup – Cu
Bye – Dye
Ball – Baw
Juice – Jeese
Cheese – Cheese
Chicken – Kicken
Water – Wa-er
Book – Bo
Baby – Baby
Elmo – Momo
Banana – Nana
Yes – Yeah, yeah, yeah (She never says it just once)
More – Mowa
This – Dis
Night Night – Nyny
Guitar – Gar
No – No
Duck – Dut
Fish – Tish
Hi – Hi
Hello – Hey-o
Color – Co-yer
Chalk – Calk
Nice – Ny
Lili is also very active and climbing seems to be one of her favorite activities.

Climbing from the chair onto the end table to standing was successful, but apparently not quite challenging enough. She pulled a Rubbermaid container of egg noodles out of the cupboard and carefully climbed up on them. It took some really good balance. I think I have a gymnast on my hands.

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  1. Hi! I hope you are recovering quickly. Looks like you have a talker and a gymnast on your hands…I don’t think Joshua says that much yet. I really should do that too, add them up. Anyway, she is so talented. I bet she and Joshua would have a lot of fun together climbing!

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