Roller Coaster Week

This has been quite the week for us.

Monday I discovered that our physician’s letter for our dossier needed to be re-done and notarized by someone else. I spent all week getting that taken care of and yesterday afternoon received a call saying it had been done and were ready for pick up.

Tuesday of course was the Inauguration and our 10 month Lili anniversary.

Wednesday was a fairly uneventful day.

Then Thursday came. It started out with Dave leaving for work and then sending me an email telling me that Microsoft had just announced they would be cutting 5,000 employees over the next 18 months. 1,400 of those cuts were happening that day. By the end of the day, Dave still had a job, but also knew that very few Microsoft employees were exempt from potentially losing their job. As a result, we had to make the very emotional decision of discontinuing our adoption from Ethiopia. While the financial aspects of adoption were certainly a huge contributing factor in our decision, we also knew that if he lost his job after receiving a referral and we could not show proof of employment once we arrived in Ethiopia, we would not be able to complete our adoption and bring our child home. So, we contacted our agency and told them we would not be proceeding with the adoption. While Ethiopia is out of the picture at this time, our hearts are still invested in adopting another child. So, we will keep looking at our option and hope to one day add one more Weeks to the family and give Lili a younger sibling to share her life with.

The emotions of yesterday are still fresh, but we are certain that we made the right choice for our family. So today our lives move forward and since today is FFF, what better way to end the week than with pictures of Lili reading a book to Curious George.

Did you notice that George’s face is larger than Lili’s? Too funny!

I wonder if George can understand what Lili is reading?

Lili loves books!!!!


  1. I’m so sorry to hear that your journey to Ethiopia has ended. Even though it is such a difficult decision, it sounds like the best one for your family. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect sibling for Lili somewhere.Hugs…

  2. Oh sweetie. I am SO sorry. I know how hard all this financial mess is on us, so I do understand. SO not were we thought we would be a yr ago.. 😦 I am sad for you. Maybe wait it out? The layoffs will surely peter out right? then maybe things will be more stable? I am sorry. But Lili will have a sibling 🙂 from where ???That is the fun part !! Maria

  3. That must have been difficult to discuss. DH and I have been discussing another adoption. Still don’t know where or when, but we definately know in our hearts we will adopt again.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had to make such a difficult decision. I’m sure it will all make sense down the road though, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. That’s certainly one thing that I have taken from the emotional past seven years for our family! The perfect little sibling for Lili must not be quite ready yet 🙂 We’re thinking about you…

  5. Debbie, I’m so sorry to hear about the tough decision you needed to make. Lili’s sibling will come when you least expect it – keep up the faith.

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