FFF and Family Trips

I’m going to primarily focus on Favorite Foto Friday, but wanted to draw everyone’s attention to some additions I made to my blog page. If you’ll look on the right hand side of the page you might notice that I’ve added a section called “Adoptive Family Events.” As I get information during the year on different events across the U.S. I’ll be adding them to this section and encourage all my adoptive family readers to check them out and consider attending at least one during the year.

Now onto FFF!!!!

Lili recently started doing this little face pose and yesterday I was able to capture it on camera. She usually has a much bigger smile on her face, but sometimes you take what you can get.

Lili loves the guitar or as she would say, “gar.” Lately she’s been sitting on daddy’s lap and he’s been teaching her the proper way to finger the chords and strum the guitar.

She actually strums quite well for having such little hands and fingers.

My little rock star!!!


  1. Can I just say that if that were Cecilia, she would have every guitar string ripped off. I can guarentee you there would be no guitar in our house. The laptop is bad enough. She sees it as the forbidden fruit! And we all know what Eve did.

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