Further Behind

I seem to get further and further behind on blogging. As expected, Lili demands more and more of my attention as she gets older, so something has to give.

However, I do want to keep everyone updated when I can so I’ll try to get this posted quickly.

On the adoption front. We are still in wait mode. Of course the “wait mode” is common in adoption. What we’re waiting on right now is our home study, approval from DCFS (a requirement in IL) and then our 171H from USCIS. We actually received our copy of the home study last week, but I discovered the notary commission on the home study expires the end of this month. Thus, the home study is no good to us. I contacted our social worker and made her aware of the situation. She apologized for not catching it and was requesting another home study notarized by the other notary. I hope to get the new home study within the next week and will then head to the Secretary of State’s office to have the documents notary authenticated. In the meantime, we have about a 6-8 week wait until we have all the documents we need to submit our dossier.
Lili’s new feat is climbing on the kitchen breakfast bar stools. Mom is not happy about this new feat because Lili isn’t content to just climb up and sit on the stools. She wants to stand on them, climb on the breakfast bar, etc. AHHH!!! I know, I know, it’s all part of her learning and development. LOL!!!
Lili also has continued her love of books. I regularly buy her new books and recently purchased some books that I really like.

– Whoever You Are by Mem Fox
Every day all over the world, children are laughing and crying, playing and learning, eating and sleeping. They may not look the same. They may not speak the same language. Their lives may be quite different. But inside, they are just like you.

– The Skin I’m In by Pat Thomas
Imagine a world where only people with blue eyes could go to school. Or a world where only people with brown eyes could get a job. If we lived in a world like this many people would be treated unfairly. They would miss out on the chance to learn and work and feel good about themselves.

– A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza
Choco is a little yellow bird who lives all alone. He wishes he had a mother, but who could she be? One day, he decides to search for a mother. First he asks Mrs. Giraffe, but she is not Choco’s mother – she doesn’t have wings like he does. Then he asks Mrs. Penquin, but she doesn’t have big, round cheeks like Choco. None of the animals seems to be right for Choco. Will he ever find a mother?

– Sesame Street – We’re Different, We’re the Same
We’re different. Our noses are different. We’re the same. Our noses are the same. They breathe and sniff and sneeze and whiff. Our hair is different. Our hair is the same. It grows on us in several places. It warms our heads and frames our faces.
Yesterday, Lili got some of her book off the shelf, got a blanket and crawled up on the sofa to read. A short time later she was sound asleep. However, before she drifted off I did get some pictures of my little reader.


  1. I’m such a freak, but I can’t read a Mother for Choco without crying. Your pictures make me want to run home and curl up with a good book!

  2. I love the pictures…how sweet! Joshua is fascinated with books;we find them all over the house. He hasn’t mastered the bar stools, but he is up and down at the kitchen table all the time, rarely sitting…drives me crazy. He isn’t not very graceful and ends up falling, slipping, etc. But it doesn’t stop him from doing it again!

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