Hold Onto Your Hats

I’m actually posting again this week.

Actually I just wanted to share a couple photos of Lili 🙂 Spring has finally arrived and yesterday was more like a summer day here. We spent a lot of time outside, but being outdoors can be dangerous, especially when you aren’t quite two years old and want to explore. She decided to try to work her way through branches of a Wisteria tree and lilac bush.

As you can see, the branches won. Fortunately she closed her eyes so there was no direct contact which would have been really bad.

Oh the joys of a beautiful Spring day!!!

Addition: Lili is standing on the bottom rung of a kitchen bar stool and peeking over the counter top. It allowed me to get a good shot of her injury.


  1. Lovely picture, scratch and all of Lili! I didn’t know about Haregwoin’s death. Thank you for letting me know. Yes, an amazing woman.Can’t wait to hear about your next step in the process.

  2. Ouch! But I love the pic of Lili peering over the chair. Very cute… As parents we need to let them explore and learn for themselves, it is a hard and painful process for all involved. BTW…thanks for the support with our adoption journey.

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