New Year, New Curriculum

Every once in awhile, I feel it is necessary to try some new curriculum.  Since we’re in the new year, I figured there is no time like the present.

Honestly, the curriculum isn’t new to us.  We tried it a couple years ago, but for personal reasons, decided to go back to what we were using before.  Still, I was very impressed with this curriculum and felt we should give it another go.  So a few weeks ago I purchased “Build Your Library.”

I have one who is turning into a real history buff and I especially liked the history aspects of this program.  I also like all the reading involved.  There is, after all, a reason the program is called “Build Your Library.”

We are just now on Week 1 and so far I have one that is following the program and one who is trying to avoid it at all costs.  “Oy vey!”  We’ll see how it goes.

As we move along, I’ll share my thoughts on this curriculum and how my kids are or are not liking it.  For now, here is where we are:

For history, Naomi will be learning about the Middle Ages and I am excited about learning more right alongside her.

Her literature is “The Trumpet of the Swan.”

Image result for Trumpet of the Swan

Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever read this book, so reading along with her will be a treat for me as well.

Lili will be learning about the Modern World in her history program.

Image result for build your library grade 4

Her literature right now is “Alice in Wonderland”

and she is also reading a book called, “The Capture.”

Image result for the capture by kathryn lasky book

Both of the girls will have Science, Language Arts, Poetry and Geography as part of the program.  I’ve also incorporated some of their original curriculum which dive a little deeper into Language Arts, Vocabulary and Spelling.  Of course they will also continue their original Math curriculum.

So far, the biggest complaint I’m getting from the girls, is about the writing portion or the program.  Neither of them are necessarily fond of writing.  However, it’s not a lot of writing and will be good for them.

We’ve moved into this slowly, but as time goes on, we’ll get into a better rhythm.



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