A Photographer in the Making

Dave copied pictures off Lili’s new camera onto the computer last night and I had a great time looking at her work. I hope you enjoy them too!

These are the “Lights of Christmas” display.

Then we have the “Feet in the Morning, Feet at Night” photos. I’m only sharing a tid bit of the foot shots she took šŸ™‚

Now for the ever popular “Nostrils.” You might want to stand back a bit for these.

Please note, she was actually trying to take pictures of other things in the van but had the camera turned the wrong way. As a result, there were about a dozen close-up shots of her face. LOL!!!

Now I present, “Big Ben, My Brother.”

And then we have “Daddy-O.”

Considering there were probably 100+ pictures taken, this is truly just a small sampling of her work.

I hope you enjoyed Lili’s first photography show. I know I certainly did.


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