Surviving the Wait

I can survive the wait to court. What I’m not sure of is surviving the day of court. LOL!!! I traded emails with our agency consultant a couple days ago and told her that I actually scheduled a play date for Friday to help keep me busy. I also told her that I would most certainly jump every time the phone rang. Here was her response:

“Oh, don’t hate me, please.. sometimes when the courts are on Friday I don’t hear until Monday!! I will do my best to pester for an answer Friday.. when there is an issue or the court did not happen, I know right away, but when everything is fine I don’t..”

Now I’m not sure if I want her to call Friday or not. If she calls, it might mean bad news. If I have to wait it out until Monday it will probably be good news. On the other hand, I would have to wait through the weekend before hearing anything. Ahhhh!!!

I think I’ll go shopping today.


  1. here it is – your TWO!!!shopping is always a good distraction, more day – so excited for you!!!!try to chill (haha, yeah right, that comes from me, lol)…..i know this is such an intense time, but i have a pretty good feeling about you passing court on Friday. Fridays are good days, right before the weekend, people are usually in a cheerful mood. If I'd get to pick a court-day day of the week, i'd pick a Friday (unless it falls on a 13th, then i may change my mind). breathe!!!! things will be OK 🙂

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry! Ack. I'm not even sure what to say. Stay busy, I guess? You absolutely have my sympathy. I hate this part, so I'm not sure at all how I'll survive the actual court date once we have one. I'm already a mess! Or as my friend says, "I can't get it together enough to be a hot mess. I'm more of a warm clutter."

  3. I love it when someone else shares my impatience/obsession of situations! You make me laugh…you could do what I would do which is sit in front of the phone/computer at all times, willing it to ring/bling…refusing to eat, sleep, or whatever until you hear something:). Not that far gone yet, huh…..?

  4. I wondered how long it would take for you to hear something. I know how eager I am to hear something for you, so I cannot even imagine how eager you are!!! Counting down with you.Reba

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