Lots of Excitement

There is a lot of exciting things happening in the Weeks’ Family.  I won’t be posting about everything today, but will share one piece of news . . . .

We are heading down to Guatemala for a visit!!!!! 

It is something that has been discussed for quite some time, but for one reason or another it just hadn’t worked out.  The most recent reason has been the cost of airline tickets 😦  I have been watching prices for the last few months, but prices were holding pretty steady around $450 – $550 per person and that was just more than we felt comfortable spending.  Then, on Lili’s birthday, I decided to go out and do a quick check on airfare.  Imagine my excitement when I found tickets for $338!!!!  It was just too good to pass up so we booked.

We leave June 1st and return the 7th, so it won’t be a long trip, but we will certainly make the most of the time we are there.  My goal is to see different parts of Guatemala each time we are there and this trip will be no different.  During our first trip the highlight was meeting our precious Lili which didn’t give us a lot of time for sight-seeing.  However, we did stay an extra day and headed to Antigua.  On my second trip I was again there to spend time with Lili, but was able to spend a little time at Lake Amatitlan with our foster family.  The third trip there was to bring our baby girl home which meant we would have more flexibility.  We were able to visit Chichicastenago, Lake Atitlan and Retalhuleu.  In Retalhuleu we went to Xocomil which is a water park just like the ones you find here in the U.S.  Our foster family was with us the entire time and was have such fond memories of that trip.

Now I head back for my 4th trip and this time we will visit Monterrico which is a popular beach destination in Guatemala.  I have so longed to see the black sand beaches of Guatemala and this time it will happen.

Unfortunately, Dave is not able to go with us on this trip, so my sister-in-law has graciously accepted the offer to tag along.  Okay, maybe graciously isn’t the right word here.  Actually it would be more accurate to say that she enthusiastically accepted the offer to tag along.  Not only will I have someone along who can help me with Lili and Naomi, but I’m taking along my own personal translator.

Now that I’ve shared our exciting trip news, I really should get back to make our hotel reservations for the trip.

Published by debweeks

I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

4 thoughts on “Lots of Excitement

  1. That’s right! She’s talking about me.

    And I am avaiable to ANYONE who would like to take a translator. No per diem, just get me there!

    oh, and enthusiastically was really a nice way to say i almost exploded with delight! I have wanted to go to Guatemala for a couple of decades and have really wanted to know Lili’s foster family. Oh man, and the beach. Really, who could ask for more!!!

  2. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guat for the cost of Cali! I’m assuming you’re flying out of St Louis but if Chgo pls let us know. We’d love to see you if only for 10 mins!

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