Little Chef

Lili has always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen, but now her help has moved to a new level.  She actually asked to make her own soup.  Not open a can, pour it in the pan soup, but write out her own recipe and make it herself soup (with a little help from mom of course).

Here is the recipe she wrote.




She came up with this recipe on her own and only asked me to help her spell the words.

I helped cut up the veggies and chicken, then she put all the ingredients in the pot, set the stove to the temperature she wanted and stirred.  She put in the spices and cooked it until it was done.  I did suggest a couple of additions to help enhance the flavor of the soup a bit, but this was the finished product.




She calls it Guatemalan Chicken Soup, because she was born in Guatemala and she made chicken soup.  I would have to say it’s a very good name for her soup.  I should also add that the soup was really quite tasty!!!  Not too bad for a 5-year-old 🙂

Also, her new goal is to one day be on the show, “Chopped.”

Can’t wait to see what is on her menu next!!!


  1. Love this! Chopped is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to watch her on there one day. I love that she wrote out the recipe. I need to get back to encouraging the kids to be in the kitchen with me. They truly enjoy it.

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