Biggest Loser

Millions of Americans tune in each week to watch The Biggest Loser. I too have watched the show many times and actually thought it was ridiculous to be sitting on my arse watching a bunch of morbidly obese contestants working their butts off to become the Biggest Loser. Seriously, how much sense does it make to watch the Biggest Loser while in couch potato position, when instead I should be doing something to reduce my own weight? Yet, on Monday nights my hubby and I sit and watch contestants sweat, grunt and cry as they work hard to make positive changes in their lives. And this year they’ve given us a bonus as we are watching 3 kids also make changes in their lives to lose weight. This part hits home.

Both my husband and I struggle with weight problems. My husband has struggled with his weight since he was a child and my weight has gone up and down for about as long as I can remember. We also have concerns about one of our kids.

Childhood obesity and the diseases associated with obesity is at epidemic proportions. It’s been a growing problem and as much as I would like to blame the cola companies, fast food companies, and the food industry in general, I can’t. I am a parent who should be setting positive examples for my children. I am a parent who should be making sure that my children eat healthy meals and snacks. I am a parent who should not allow her children to sit idle in front of a t.v. screen or computer monitor for countless hours per day.

While The Biggest Loser is doing a good job of addressing the issues associated with obesity in adults and children, it doesn’t change anything unless I get off the couch and make better decisions for my body and my health.

Yes, I’ve made changes to reduce my weight and improve my health. In addition, I am continuing to make changes for myself and am addressing the concerns I have as a parent. It’s the little things that matter, like trying to teach my girls how to do jumping jacks, how to do sit-ups, doing Yoga Pretzels as part of our homeschool curriculum, turning off the t.v. and turning music on to dance around the house, making sure video games are only Kinect games so we are up moving, skipping across the parking lot as we enter or exit a store. It’s continuing to participate in the Body by Vi challenge to continue my weight loss so my girls can witness my success. Allowing my girls to enjoy a ViSalus shake with me and having them help prepare healthy meals so they learn that healthy eating is good and it’s fun.  It’s doing these things together as a family and creating an environment of healthy behaviors.

I’m glad I didn’t continue making excuses and waiting for the perfect moment.  I’m glad I began the Body by Vi challenge and that it’s working for me.  I’m glad my kids are witnessing the changes I’m making and that the changes I’m making are spilling over to make their lives healthier as well.

Are you making good choices for yourself?  Are you setting a good example for your children so they don’t have to deal with childhood obesity?

I sure wish I would not have waited so long to get to this point, but I’m glad I finally got here.  I want to be The Biggest Loser I can be by reducing my weight and losing all the bad habits I’ve managed to create in my life.  I want to stay on the road toward a healthier and happier me.  I deserve it!  My husband deserves it!  My children deserve it!

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  1. You do deserve it, and you will get it – keep your eye on the prize! I remember about 6 years ago right around now there was a Biggest Loser audition near my house. The only thing that kept me from going was that I had no one to watch my infant son, and I couldn’t stand outdoors with him for hours during a Michigan winter. Wow, have times changed. I’m still not much of a runner, at least I can keep up with him all day. I love to have him play tennis on the Wii. He thinks he’s Andre Agassi or something. It’s hysterical. I think we’ll take some real doubles lessons in the spring.

    You’ve got the right attitude to succeed!

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