Gone Fishin

Last year, hubby decided to try his hand at fishing.  Before long he had his rod, reel, tackle and was with a friend at a local pond learning how to fish.  He caught his first fish and discovered that he very much enjoyed fishing.  Then it became a family affair.  The girls and I got rods and reels for family fishing fun, but we didn’t get out much at all last year.  Then we went to Texas and spent a few hours at a pond with some of our family.  Hubby caught a fish, I caught a fish, and Lili reeled in another fish that hubby caught.

A few weeks ago, hubby took the girls out for a daddy daughter fishing trip.  Naomi caught her first fish.


A little blue gill that was only big enough for a photo-op and was then put back in the pond to grow.

By this point, Lili still hadn’t caught her first fish, so when we found out that Bass Pro Shop was having a catch-n-release event over the weekend, Lili wanted to go.  She was so excited about the possibility of snagging her first fish.  It didn’t matter that she would be fishing in a swimming pool.  It didn’t matter than she would not be using her own rod and reel.  She just wanted the experience of catching her first fish.



She had almost caught one before this one, but the fish had managed to set himself free as she pulled him out of the water.  A short time later, she had her first fish on the line.
It was pure joy and excitement for all of us.

Naomi also participated.  Due to her height, she needed a bit of assistance which included daddy holding her and mommy helping her with the rod, but she was successful too.


Hopefully our next fishing trip will prove to be a great success for all of us.


  1. Well done Girls 🙂 Now I need to know Deb, did you surrender some of your redworms for bait? Ha ha thought not, don’t worry I can’t either 🙂 Laura

    • No one is allowed to use my red wrigglers for fishing 🙂 My little worms have been very busy and are doing an awesome job turning waste into wonderful compost. I can see myself one day with a horse trough full of worms and compost 🙂

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