It’s summer and I came down with the flu.  It hit me quick and hit me hard.

After 24 hours I started feeling a little better, but was up and down from day-to-day.  Then Wednesday my husband stayed home from work and after an appointment that morning I came back home and went to bed.  I felt miserable.  When I got up several hours later I left and went to the doctor.  I am not a fan of seeing doctors.  I avoid them whenever possible, but I was miserable and nothing else was working.  About 30 minutes later I walked out with a diagnosis and was headed to the pharmacy – bronchitis and a sinus infection.

Seriously, it’s summer!!!  Isn’t this stuff that happens in the winter?

I’m starting to feel a little better, but the cough just seems to want to hang on.

I have ripe red tomatoes that need picking and canning.  I have watermelon that needs picking and eating.  I have beans that need to be picked and dried.  Peppers that needs picked and frozen.  Not to mention I have four kids that need my care and attention.


Hopefully the weekend will have me feeling back to normal and things will really start getting done around here.  In the meantime, I’m going to stock up on Echinacea.  I need to get well and stay well!!!!



    • LOL!!! He took care of the kids for one day this week and it did him in. And gardening? He doesn’t do that on a good day 🙂

      Hope this escapes you this year. It sucks!!!!

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