Little Bit

Little Bit turns 1 month old today and has been with us for 3 1/2 weeks now.

As of last week, she was 6 lbs 1 oz.  While I don’t know her exactly weight right now, her newborn clothes are fitting better so she has obviously continued to gain.   Don’t get me wrong, she is still swimming in her clothes for the most part, just not as much as last week.  Definitely not as much as when we first got her.  Technically, she came to us the size of a premie and I could have easily put her in premie clothes.  Being maybe a pound away from 6 lbs when she arrived, it didn’t make sense to invest in something she would grow out of so quickly.  Less than three weeks later, she would not be able to wear them.

When she came to us, she had a head full of dark hair with a slight curl.

20170928_082851 (2)

She still has a head full of hair, but with more curl.

20171020_204037 (2)

Her awake times are becoming more frequent now.  Unfortunately, some of those awake times happen late at night instead of during the day.  Such is life when a newborn is in the house.

She has given me the tiniest of smiles a few times over the past week and tonight she was trying to figure out how her mouth works to form sounds (other than crying).  So cute!!!

I’m quite sure she feels her life is perfect when she is being held and especially when I’m carrying her in the baby wrap.  She loves the coziness and being snuggled up against me while sleeping.

She hasn’t been an overly fussy baby.  She cries to be fed, changed and held.  Just wish all those moments were during daylight hours.  🙂

Lili and Naomi are in love with Little Bit and will argue over who gets to hold her.  This too shall pass.  However, Lili told me that her favorite part of foster care is having babies in the house.  She loves helping to care for them and enjoys watching them grow and change.  She recently tried to change Little Bit’s diaper.  I had to take over as she found it more difficult than changing the diaper of an older infant.

We really have no idea how long Little Bit will be staying with us.  The state pushes very hard to find a family member that will take children who come into foster care.  The family member has to have a background check and pass a home study just like foster parents do, so they don’t hand them over to just anyone.  So far one family member didn’t pass the home study and a couple of days ago I found out that another family member is being considered.

It’s possible that we won’t have her long and saying good-bye is the tough part of foster care.  However, no matter how long she’s here, we’re going to love her and enjoy our time together.




We’ve begun the foster care process.

Some of our paperwork has been completed and I’ve attended two of the required five classes.  I also have about five hours of on-line training to complete.

We were not able to get arrangements made for both hubby and me to attend the first two classes together, so he’ll make them up at a later date.

The agency we’ve signed with came out to take a look at our house and we will have quite a bit of things to take care of before getting our license.  The biggest project is getting screens on all our windows.  We bought the house knowing most of the screens were missing, but it is a requirement for getting our license.  Plus, now that the weather is cooling off a bit, I wouldn’t mind opening some windows from time-to-time 🙂

I’m also in redecorating mode.  Or maybe I should say decorating mode.

Today I found a paint color I’m LOVING for our downstairs living room.  I’ve purchased a few things for the walls and am anxious to get the painting done and things hung up.  Seriously, we have NOTHING on our walls yet and we’ve been in the house for almost 5 months now.

Because I have a bad habit of starting multiple projects at once, I’m trying very hard to finish a project before starting another.  The first project on the list is the downstairs bathroom.

This bathroom has two doors.  One inside the house and one that leads to the pool area.  It was another reason we liked this house so much.  However, it was discovered during the home inspection that the door lock was stuck.  A few days after moving into the house, hubby took off the lock and door knob to change it out.  When he opened the door, the bottom of the door fell off.  It was a steel door and the bottom had rusted.  It was still usable, but there was a gap at the bottom, so the door had to be replaced.  Hubby and our BIL took care of that project a few weekends ago.  We now have a fiberglass exterior door, which should last quite some time.

That was just part one of the project though.  The bathroom needs new paint (because I don’t like the current paint color), a new sink with vanity (because I don’t like the pedestal sink) and a new toilet (because the one in there now is short).

I don’t find choosing a paint color simple.  I look thru sample after sample after sample until I find something that I like.  Then I got buy a sample and slap it on the wall to see how I like it in that room.

I found a color I liked and painted it on part of one bathroom walls.  By the next day, I decided it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so I found another and got a sample to compare.  I painted it on the other half of the wall and on another walls to get a different view.

Now that I’ve compared, I’ve decided I don’t like either one and have chosen yet another color.  I’ll get that sample tomorrow and try it out.

At least I have some pictures posted, so when the room is finally done I can post the finished project.

Second project is Naomi’s room.  If we’re going to continue moving forward with foster care, the girls will need to share a room so we have the space for up to two foster children.  Since Naomi has the bigger of the two rooms, we though it made the most sense to start there.  It will become “The Girls” room and they will be getting bunk beds.

I was looking some today and found one I really like.  The girls like it a lot as well.

The girls each have full-sized beds and this is a full over a full bunk bed.  We can use their existing mattresses and this bed also has a trundle which I like.  That gives us a little extra space for them to have guests over for the night.  I also like the fact it has stairs instead of a ladder.  Plus, each step has a drawer for additional storage.

Obviously, we’ll need to tackle the other bedroom and get it ready for foster children, but that will pretty much be painting for now.

Other than that, life is moving along.

Hubby has been super busy with work lately.  When he’s not traveling or working at the office, he’s home working.  He takes time off for dinner and a little family time, but we don’t feel like we’re seeing a lot of him these days.

The girls and I are also good about staying busy.  Naomi is still taking an acting/drama class and she “loves” it.  Lili started a mixed media class a few weeks ago and is really enjoying that as well.  We also participate in a homeschool co-op that meets weekly.

In their spare time, the girls are enjoying time playing on my new phone.  Both are into the Pokémon Go thing right now, but Snapchat has kept them entertained as well.

Although Lili enjoys taking pictures of her little dog Jagger.


Although I’ve gotten really bad at blogging (Sorry about that), we’re doing pretty well here.

A Long Week

It’s been a long week of illness around here.

Naomi with a double ear infection.  Lili and I with possible pneumonia (we elected to not get a chest x-ray for verification).

Naomi is feeling a lot better.  Lili is feeling better.  I’m feeling marginally better.  Although not as good today as yesterday.  Maybe it’s the weather, which is now cloudy and cold, but after running errands this morning, we all hunkered down for a lazy day of movie watching, blogging, web surfing and napping.

On this cloudy and cold day, our little home on wheels has certainly felt cozy and that is just the way we like it.  None of us felt like doing much of anything and Georgette provided us nice warm accommodations during our laziness today.


Georgette’s days with us are now numbered and on January 20th, we will drive her away from the RV park and take her to the dealership.  All our belonging will be moved over to our new Oakmont (who desperately needs a name) which will then be delivered and set up back to the RV park.  Georgette, will hopefully find a new family soon who we hope will enjoy her as much as we have.

I’m a little sad to see Georgette go, but she now represents our past life.  That life included two little boys who shared her with us.  She was perfect for our little weekend camping trips and our longer vacations away from home.  Those kind of trips are not on the horizon now.  Life has changed in a big way.  As such, our needs have changed as well.  We no longer own a vacation home.  Our home on wheels is just that – our home.  We look forward to moving on to the Oakmont (who still needs a name) and are excited for the extra space.

In other news from the World of Weeks, we met up with a local homeschool group yesterday.  It was a chilly park day, so our visit wasn’t long, but it was nice to begin making some connections in the homeschool community here.

We also visited a local library and once I get my Texas driver’s license, we can get a library card.  We’ll really be established then 🙂

Other than being sick this week, things are still going well and I hope to get into a more regular blogging pattern once things settle down a little more and we can establish better internet connectivity.