Didn’t Mean to Wait

Sorry for the absence.  I really didn’t mean to wait so long to post something about our move.

Closing on our home was crazy.  In the week leading up to the official close of our house, we were given five different dates/times.  In the end, we closed last Wednesday.

During the signing of all the paperwork, we found out that the seller’s had not yet been in to sign.  This meant we still had to wait to take possession of the house.  So, we headed out to do some shopping.  Primarily, we wanted new door knobs/locks for the three exterior doors.

About 2 1/2 hours after closing, we received a call that everything was done and we could pick up the keys to our new house.  With two vehicles full of stuff, we got to the house and began unloading.  We also did another inspection of the house and discovered that we have a lot more work that we first thought.

– Deep cleaning

– Painting

– New floors

– New light fixtures

– New outlet and switch plates

– Lots of weeding

– And more

In this market, there is only one chance to look at a house before making an offer.  Trying to take in everything is nearly impossible and when it’s a house that is furnished, you don’t get to see “everything”.  It took us several days to wrap our heads around all the work we need/want to get done, but after a few days we were able to better prioritize everything and decided to go more slowly and not try to do everything at once.  After all, time and money are not limitless and slowing down allows us to enjoy our new home more.

So here we are!  We’re in our new home and while we still have a storage unit full of stuff (it will be moved to the new house this weekend), we have everything we really need and then some. Like our pool and this view that I see almost daily now.


One day I’ll write a post about all I’ve learned over the last six months, but for now, I’ll just enjoy life.



  1. Congrats on your new home!!!!!!! Have fun “making it your own”!!!!! Love that the girls got a pool to enjoy!!!!! Look forward to coming for a visit, at some point! I miss ya!!!!!!!!!!! XX00

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