Living Outside the Box

Hubby and I have been having some deep conversations about the importance of not conforming to other’s expectations. If we want to live our most authentic life, we should never allow our life to be dictated by fear of judgement or fear of not fitting into that little box. Over the years, we have somehowContinue reading “Living Outside the Box”

An Artful Life

I grew up in a small Midwestern town, a farming community to be exact.  My days were filled with school, after-school activities and friends.  Saturdays were spent hanging out with friends and Sundays were set aside for family.  I was free to roam around our small community spending many hours with friends.  We were rarelyContinue reading “An Artful Life”

In Hindsight

We all look back and wish we would have made different choices at some point in our lives.  It doesn’t mean the choices we made are bad (although I’ve made some of those), but it’s the realization that different choices may have been better. For example, in high school, I chose not to take aContinue reading “In Hindsight”

Where In The World

Is Carmen Sandiego? It was a show on PBS and is also a series of computer games and books teaching kids geography. However, this post is not about Carmen Sandiego, but it is about geography, learning more about other countries, and exploring the possibilities. At the moment, Lili’s favorite subjects are art, history, science and geography. Continue reading “Where In The World”

Plans Change

We have had a lot of plans for our future and as is true for most of us in life, those plans sometimes need to change. One thing our move to Texas has made me realize, is that I need to let go of some of those things I really had hoped to do in life.Continue reading “Plans Change”


A 1980’s show about a wealthy oil family living at Southfork Ranch. There is also this Dallas. The third largest city in Texas behind Houston and San Antonio. The ninth largest city in the U.S. Dallas and the surrounding areas are home to the Cowboys (football), Mavericks (basketball), Rangers (baseball), FC Dallas (soccer) and the StarsContinue reading “Dallas”