Traveling the World

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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This wasn’t the exact wording hubby used when he asked me this question earlier, but it’s something I’ve thought about off and on for years.

When I was younger, I had a small list of places I hoped to visit one day and I’ve been able to cross those places off my list.  Now that I’m older, I find myself thinking about other countries that I really hadn’t considered before.  Countries, that quite honestly, I had no interest in visiting.

Like Switzerland or Italy.

Belgium, even though I had a pen pal in elementary school who lived in Antwerp..

Germany, where hubby lived for two years while serving in the Army.

Spain and Italy

And  more

While I feel I’ve done a fair amount of travel in my adult life, I also know that I’ve barely skimmed the surface.  There are so many countries in this world with great beauty and intrigue.  I just needed to open my mind a little more and allow myself to find that intrigue.

So while I continue to ponder hubby’s question, I’ll ask each of you reading this post to answer these questions.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Is there any place you’ve visited that you would love to see again?

And for both of these question, why?







  1. I’d go back to Ireland in a heartbeat!!!! So beautiful!! I want to go to Australia, Germany, England, Italy, Norway, and soooo many more!!!!! Take me with you if you go!!!!

    • Another country I had no desire to visit until you went on your trip and shared your photos and experiences. I have a strong feeling that a trip to Europe is in our future.

  2. Venice, Italy has been my all time favorite! The gondolas and canals caught my fancy when I was quite young.
    I would like to go back to Goa, India for sure. In all my travels till now, I have felt the best in Goa!

    • I would have ‘never’ considered visiting India until you shared about Goa. I had to go look it up and can see why you would like to return. Thanks for sharing!

      • I feel so good that I could convince someone to consider India :). Since I am from there, I would always be biased but India is very diverse and beautiful. You must check it out! Happy travels.

  3. Tibet, Venezuela, Alaska, Hawaii, Spain, Polynesian Islands, Cuba, South Caribbean, Costa Rica, actually there are very few places that I wouldn’t be interested in seeing!! And of course, the northwest has my heart and sould

    • Interesting that you didn’t mention any European countries on that list. Until recently, I had very little interest in visiting Europe, but now find myself fascinated with the culture of some European countries.

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