Day 6 – At Sea

We boarded the ship full of happiness and excitement about the week ahead, then suddenly our trip was coming to an end.   Yet, with a full day ahead of us, we were determined to enjoy it even though we knew tomorrow was D-day (disembarkation day).

I headed out to the balcony for one last morning at sea, but the sun was rising on the other side of the ship, so no photos.  Then we headed to the Windjammer for breakfast and later for lunch.  The girls enjoyed time in Adventure Ocean and at the pool.  We also went ice skating.

I’m on the ice helping Naomi get onto the ice.  Until this day, I hadn’t been ice skating in well over 20 years.  It was Naomi’s first time.
Now Lili is getting on the ice.  While I won’t go into a lot of detail, her ice skating experience was not a pleasant one for her.  We found out later that her skates were too big and she ended up with bruises on her arms from trying to hold herself up on the wall and not fall down.  She made it around one time, very slowly and then she was done.  I don’t think ice skating is in her future, but she can now say she’s been ice skating.
Naomi was slowly getting the hang of it and having a lot of fun on the ice. 

After ice skating and some pool time, we got ready for our last dinner in the dining room.

We really had some fantastic meals on board.  Each evening we sat at the same table with the same servers, which meant they knew us by name, knew what drinks we liked, what kind of bread we liked, etc.

This is Gena!  She was the assistant to our waiter and I swear she was the happiest staff member on board.  She greeted us each evening, but was also in the Windjammer each morning greeting everyone.  She was the one who taught us how to make the napkin cat ears that Naomi enjoyed wearing at dinner each evening.
I have no idea what she was doing here, but probably singing.  She and Gena got along very well.
Here is Gena with Lili, Naomi and our friend Grace.
This is Louie.  He was our waiter all week, providing us with wonderful service.  He also entertained us with magic tricks. 

After dinner, the girls went to Adventure Ocean one last time while our friends and I went to the theater on board to watch the Broadway show, Saturday Night Fever.  We had been waiting for it all week.

With everything packed and ready to go, I put our luggage in the hall to be collected and taken to the holding area for our departure the next morning.  However, we weren’t sure what time our departure would be the next morning as the Captain had announced that the Port Authority in Galveston was warning of thick fog which meant ships could not come into port.  We headed to bed knowing we would get more information the next morning and a little excitement that maybe our cruise wasn’t going to end quite as soon as we thought.



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