Another Day of Exploration

This past week, hubby has been working from our Florida rental house while the girls and I have been at the beach, visiting places and people, shopping and exploring. Today, he got to tag along on our exploration.

But first, Naomi and I went shelling at Siesta Key beach!

It was a beautiful morning.

We didn’t know that there was a sand carving competition today.

This guy said he doesn’t usually do sand castles because he’s not very good at them. If this isn’t very good, what are his other sand carvings like?
I thought this one was done, but apparently not since the guy was working on it when we walked back.

It was early so these were the only two we saw. Registration had just opened as we were leaving and it’s apparently a popular event. They were expecting a lot more sand carvers to arrive as the morning went on.

Getting started.
This was our find from this morning.

As much as I try to convince Naomi to leave the broken ones behind, she just has to take the ones she really likes.

Shelling is definitely something she and I love to do. We’re planning to visit Anna Maria Island next week. I hear there is good shelling there and we hope to find more shell treasures to take home.


    • We’ve been to several different beaches in Florida, but never Anna Maria Island. Very excited to visit for a few hours. I’ll be sure to take pictures and share them here.

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