And It Comes to an End

Our vacation was a last minute decision and now it’s over. Memories were made. Good memories with a few exceptions. We did some beach hopping this trip seeing Siesta Key, Manatee Beach and Fort Myers. Although I managed to miss getting any picture of Fort Myers Beach. We visited Sarasota Jungle Gardens, which I enjoyedContinue reading “And It Comes to an End”

Anna Maria Island

We headed to Anna Maria Island today. First impression . . . . It’s not as crowded as Siesta Key. Second impression . . . . It’s better for shelling. The waves were rather big today and the surfers were happy. There was also a rip tide warning which didn’t make my big girls happy.Continue reading “Anna Maria Island”

Another Day of Exploration

This past week, hubby has been working from our Florida rental house while the girls and I have been at the beach, visiting places and people, shopping and exploring. Today, he got to tag along on our exploration. But first, Naomi and I went shelling at Siesta Key beach! We didn’t know that there wasContinue reading “Another Day of Exploration”

A Trip To The Jungle

The girls and I went on a jungle adventure to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. We saw birds. This bird was my favorite. Lili got to hold an alligator. And not just any alligator . . . She held a rare albino gator. There were lots o gators. Cute little baby gators. The flamingos and peacocksContinue reading “A Trip To The Jungle”

I Was Reminiscing

This morning while getting the girl’s breakfast ready, about all the places I’ve lived. Illinois (for the majority of my life) California (for only a few months of my life) Washington (for about 10 years) Texas (almost 2 1/2 years now) Of those places, Washington has been my favorite.  We lived in Western Washington sandwichedContinue reading “I Was Reminiscing”