Anna Maria Island

We headed to Anna Maria Island today.

First impression . . . . It’s not as crowded as Siesta Key.

Second impression . . . . It’s better for shelling.

The waves were rather big today and the surfers were happy. There was also a rip tide warning which didn’t make my big girls happy. They love swimming in the ocean, but between the waves and the warning, they stuck close to shore.

Arryn, on the other hand, LOVES the beach. She loves the sand, but she loves the water more.

The other thinh I noticed about Anna Maria Island is the shopping. There is not a shortage of places to shop.

While I enjoyed a less crowded beach, I think I prefer Siesta Key. That powdery white sand is sooooo nice. Although a little hard to walk thru. Also, parking at Siesta Key is better. However, I see another visit to Anna Maria Island in our future. Hopefully on a calmer ocean day.

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