Thoughtful Neighbor

Just like many other communities, ours has a Facebook page that is used for gathering information, sharing community events, selling or giving away items, trying to find owners of lost pets and more.

We also live in a neighborhood, that not too many years ago, was occupied by wildlife.

Like this guy.

May be an image of big cat and outdoors

They are beautiful cats and with rabbits in the neighborhood, it’s not uncommon for someone to see one from time-to-time.

Today, however, was the first time someone posted about a bobcat so close to our house. And when I mean close, I mean one bock away close.

A couple hours after seeing the information on the community Facebook page, a thoughtful neighbor came to our door with her little dog. I learned that she lives just two houses behind us and our neighborhood visitor had very quickly jumped her fence and came into her backyard while she and her little dog were out. She quickly called her dog, which scared the bobcat causing him to jump back over the fence and leave. Needless-to-say, it made her very nervous and she was taking time out of her day to visit the neighbors who she knew had dogs and let them know.

With two small dogs, this was a good reminder of the importance to keep a close eye on pets, even when they are in their own back yard. While bobcats prefer rabbit over dog, a hungry cat will take what they can get.

Thanks friendly neighbor for coming by and warning us. It’s nice living in a neighborhood that looks out for each other.

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