Book Review – Day 3

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What happens when you move to a new home without a chimney? How will Santa get in to leave the gifts under the tree? This book tackles that question and provides a magic key for those without a chimney to leave out for Santa.

My 3-yr-old recently asked us how Santa would get in since we don’t have a chimney. So this was a timely book.

I would caution that littles playing with the magic key could cause damage. Or maybe that’s just my 3-yr-old who was pretending the wall was a door and tried to unlock it with the magic key. We know havea small hole in the wall. Easily fixed, but . . . .

See the source image

This story follows the life of a sapling that grows into a huge tree and the little boy who plants it as he grows into a man. Eventually the tree needs to be cut and is shared with the entire community as a beautiful Christmas tree.

My 3-yr-old was a bit young for this book, but it will continue to be part of our 24-days of Christmas book tradition. Afterall, just like the sapling and the boy, she too will grow.

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