Book Review – Day 4

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The story of a little tree being thankful for everything around it as it is growing to become a beautiful Christmas tree.

It’s been a few years since we’ve done the Christmas book readings and as I was reading this to Arryn, I realized that it was not one of my favorites. The fact that about half-way thru the book Arryn told me she wanted me to stop reading told me it’s not one of her favorites either.

This one will probably go into the donation box and be replaced with a different book next year.

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A letter arrives to Santa, but it’s later than all the other letters and it’s come down the chimney and into the fire. Santa pulls it out quickly, but the most important part of the letter has been burned and he has no idea what Amy wants most for Christmas. Santa sends his own letters asking for help from the elves, a polar bear and the reindeer hoping they might know.

Arryn loves any book that has flaps to open and this book doesn’t disappoint with 5 letters to open and read throughout the book. There are also clues in the book to help kids solve the mystery of what Amy has asked Santa to give her for Christmas.

This is most definitely a favorite in our house.

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