A Child’s View As We Get Ready

We are inching closer to RV ownership and the excitement grows.  Apparently, Naomi is more excited that I knew.

A few days ago she said,  “I love RV’s.  I love sleeping in them and camping.”

Funny thing is, she has never slept in an RV and she’s never been camping.  Somehow she just knows she’s going to love it and I’m sure she will.

The boys really don’t get what’s happening.  FS1 pretty much lives day-to-day and FS2 is only 15 months old.  The girls, on-the-other-hand, are excited about getting the RV, setting it up and camping.  We’ve told them we will take a couple of trial runs in our yard before venturing out.  If we can get all the work done to get our RV parking spot finished in time, maybe we can actually do just that.

So far I’ve gotten estimates on getting the electrical set up and have talked to a tree service about grinding the tree and shrub stumps.  Hubby’s schedule isn’t allowing him a lot of time to get everything cut though, so not sure when we can get that part done.  I’ve also been waiting on a call from a company that does driveway work.  Today I reached out to another driveway company.  While I’m making some progress, there isn’t a lot of work being done.  Fortunately though, the weather has been improving and we don’t have any more snow in the forecast over the next week.  That’s a plus.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to plan while I purchase all the things we need for camping.  Eventually we’ll have it all together and my blog posts will be about our camping adventures or misadventures.


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