What’s Next?

I realized today that a year ago we were in Hawaii enjoying the sun and sand. Oh how I long to be back in Hawaii enjoying the sun and sand. Anyone care to join me?

I spent the day at the hospital with Ryan. Dave and I felt it was important for me to be there so I could personally visit with his doctors. Overall I’d have to say my visit was successful. I was able to speak with the neurologist about Ryan’s medications and ask him why he was released Monday off one of his seizure meds. He didn’t know because another doctor released him. Hum!!! That didn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling, but he did write up orders to put him back on the medication. During the same conversation I told him that I wanted Ryan released ‘today.’ Somehow that information didn’t get passed along to Ryan’s nurse, which I didn’t know until I asked her early in the afternoon how much longer it would be before Ryan could go. She immediately made contact with the neurologist who confirmed he could be released from neurology, but the admitting doctor would have to do the actual release. About 1/2 an hour later the admitting doctor showed up and seemed a bit hesitant to let him go, but I convinced her that it was in everyone’s best interest to release him today and to release him on all the correct medications. He finally left the hospital shortly before 6 p.m. and was oh so happy to be leaving. Now we keep our fingers and toes crossed that he’s on the right medications and that his seizures are under control.

I was checking my email this evening and had a note from Pay Pal that I really wasn’t expecting. Apparently, using Pay Pal for our raffle fundraiser is a violation of their ‘Acceptable Use Policy.’ They consider it to be gambling/gaming. I wrote them a very nice email explaining that I had no idea our fundraising attempts were considered to be gambling/gaming and did not intentionally violate any policy. As a result though, I’ve removed the Pay Pal donate button from my blog and am closing out the Pay Pal account. If anyone would like to purchase raffle tickets it will have to be done in person or via the mail. I just hope that it won’t be a violation of any U.S. Postal Service ‘Acceptable Use Policy.’ If any of my blog readers want to purchase raffle tickets, please email me – debweeks@mchsi.com – and I’ll give you information on how you can purchase tickets.

Here’s hoping the rest of November is better than the last month has been.

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