Lexie Update

After two trips to the vet with Lexie, we still don’t know what’s going on.  She has had two exams including blood work and x-rays.  While the blood work didn’t come back perfect, there was nothing alarming.  The vet was a tiny bit concerned that her liver is a bit rounded, but again, nothing overly concerning.  She was given a steroid shot, de-wormer and anti-nausea med at her visit last Thursday.  The steroid shot was primarily to help stimulate her appetite.  She did eat a little better for about 1 1/2 days, but is back to only eating very small portions of food.  The vet suggested that if she didn’t improve we should consider an ultra-sound or exploratory surgery.

Lexie is a Keeshond and a couple of days ago I was introduced to a group called Keeshond Express.  I posted Lexie’s symptoms on the forum and have had some wonderful responses from other Keeshond lovers.  The responses prompted me to call the vet once again and this Friday I am dropping Lexie off for a day with the vet.  She will be getting a thorough examination of her mouth, teeth and throat under general anesthesia.  The hope is that she has a problem with a tooth, her mouth or throat that is simple to treat.

While talking with the vet though he brought up something that he thinks we should look into further as well.  Apparently, Lexie has many symptoms of Addison’s Disease except for her electrolyte levels, which were low, but not low enough to diagnose Addison’s Disease.  There is, however, A-Typical Addison’s Disease and another blood test is being recommended to determine if that may be the problem.  They will do that blood test on Friday as well.

My hope is that by the time I pick her up on Friday, we’ll know what’s going on.  If not, the next step will be a referral to a specialist to do an ultra-sound obviously looking for something even more serious, but hopefully treatable.



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  1. I have been thinking about you! Our furry friends are family, so I know this has been difficult. I hope you were able to get some answers (and solutions) Friday!

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