Day 7

Last week I shared that I was beginning a new 90 day challenge.  Today I would like to report that I did in fact begin my new challenge and am very pleased with the results thus far.

The first day was the hardest for me.  When you are used to eating whenever you want and as much as you want to eat, following a new plan can be difficult.  What shocked me though was that by the following day I found it very easy and very enjoyable.

On day 3 I questioned how soon I would feel more energy.  My reason for questioning this was that I felt more energetic than I had felt in the last two years.  I found it difficult to believe that after only 3 days I would really feel that much difference, but I discovered that in fact I was already feeling the effects of becoming a new, healthier and more energetic me.

Now I’m on Day 7.  My energy level has gone up and down (although much of that is from mommy lack of sleep), but one thing that has not gone up and down is my weight.  Today I am happy to announce that I am only 19 lbs away from my 25 lb goal.  Yes, I’ve lost 6 lbs already and this is just Day 7.

While I don’t expect to have the same results week after week, I am feeling the difference.  My energy level is changing and my clothes are not as tight.  In addition, I really do enjoy this challenge.

What I haven’t shared is exactly what the ‘challenge’ is.  Quite honestly, my reason for not sharing before is that I wasn’t absolutely convinced it would work or that I would like it.  That is no longer the case.  It is working for me and I really do like it.  It’s easy and it’s good.

The challenge is Body by Vi.

Only a week into the challenge and I have no doubt this is something I can do.  I will be successful!!

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