Because Sometimes You Don’t Want to Forget

I know I already did a blog post today, but I had an interesting conversation with Naomi this afternoon that I just had to post.

N: Daddy cooks black food.
Me: Daddy cooks black food?
N: Yes. Daddy made black bacon.
Me: (Trying not to laugh) Did daddy burn the bacon while mommy was gone?
N: Yes.
Me: At least he tried. It’s important to try isn’t it?
N: Yes. (And then she was off and on her way)

As many of you know we’ve been making some lifestyle changes. Some of the changes include replacing our coated cookware with ceramic and cast iron cookware. So a few weeks ago I purchased a couple new cast iron skillets. Not having the experience of cooking with cast iron, hubby tried to make bacon while I was gone over the weekend. He wasn’t aware that cast iron gets really hot and retains heat well. Thus, black bacon!

Sometimes you don’t want to forget those moments, especially the ones that include your 3-year-old trying to tell stories about her weekend with daddy 🙂

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