Tackling 4 in 2014

For 2013 I vowed to leave Facebook and on January 1st I closed out my account and didn’t look back.  I thought it would be much harder than it was and it was a very good change in my life for many reasons.  

Now, as 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to tackle 2014 and I have some big plans for the coming year.

Some may call them goals.

Some may call them resolutions.

You can call them whatever you like.

But here are the things I would like to accomplish in 2014.

1.  Lose weight.  Not just a little weight, but a significant amount of weight – 40+ pounds. 

2.  Exercise daily.  Not a walk around the block once a week, but a regular daily exercise routine and stick with it all year.  It pretty much goes along with #1, but I need to get in much better physical shape.

3.  Complete 12 monthly challenges in 2014.  That is one challenge a month that will improve my mental, emotional, physical and/or financial health.  This was actually hubby’s idea, so credit where credit is due.

The 1st of each month I will share my challenge of the month and then the outcome of the challenge will be shared the last day of the month.

4.  Reduce my computer time to no more than 2 hours per day.  This will likely be the most difficult challenge to accomplish in 2014.  The only exception is if I’m using computer time to learn something, such as how-to videos on knitting, quilting, making soap,  etc.  I also have most of my recipes on my computer, so using the computer to get a recipe for a meal is the last exception.  In other words, my computer time needs to be educational or productive.  No more sitting at the computer looking through Pinterest, reading news stories, checking email or doing anything on the computer than keeps me from doing more productive things in my life.  And no roll-over minutes!  So no more than 2 hours per day on the computer which should go a long way in helping me accomplish #1, #2 and #3 🙂

Ultimately, tackling these 4 things in 2014 is meant to make me more disciplined and discipline is necessary if I’m going to be a successful homesteader.




  1. One of my 2014 goals is to leave most of my social networks behind. I have a Tumblr blog, two Twitter accounts, Facebook, and Instagram, besides my WordPress blog(s). I’d like to keep Twitter and WordPress, but everything else needs to go! Facebook is the worst – it’s full of people from high school and a lot of them bring back bad memories!

    Good luck on your goals for 2014. I look forward to reading about your progress. Happy New Year!

    • I really don’t miss Facebook and have no intentions of going back in 2014. I won’t give up my blog. It’s become a journal of sorts. I started it during the adoption of our first daughter and it’s grown into the journal of our life’s journeys. Couldn’t do that with Facebook 🙂

      Good luck with your social network purge in 2014. I’ll be checking in to see how it goes.

  2. Good for you! I watch my adult children spend hours a day on Facebook. For this reason, I have opted to NOT do facebook myself. I have enough “Time Eaters” already, and more than enough that needs done in my house, that I just don’t have time for it. And, if you are looking for a “diet buddy”, I could use one too. I do much better if someone is asking regularly how I am doing.
    My New Years Resolution is also to get back on the healthy eating, not over eating wagon. And daily exersise is so hard when you have a lot of kids and also home school. We go to our church building almost every weekday, and use the gym. That means the kids run, yell, and ride their trikes, and balance bikes (I have 2 that may never get beyond balance bikes, but we are trying to get the balance with these bikes.) and my older 2 girls and I run laps. They are up to 2 miles and I am up to 4 miles a day, but it is a daily battle to get to the gym to do this. It would be easier not to.
    Then, on a good day we do 15 min yoga. I really would like to do more yoga, but, I have to run less to do that, so I am torn between the running, which is definately a better calorie burn, whole body exercise, and the yoga, for the stretching I really need, due to aging and not exercising, or stretching for so long. The yoga has really helped me be able to more better, lowered my shoulder pain, hip joint pain, so it is worth it.
    April in AK

    • Facebook ended up being a really bad thing for me. Not that it was completely negative. After all, I reconnected with my best friend from high school. Don’t know that I would have connected with her again otherwise. But there is so much negativity on Facebook that was really getting to me. There is enough negative stuff that happens in this world without bringing more into my life. So good job not getting pulled into the world of Facebook.

      We can be diet buddies, although I think we should come up with something better like, positive lifestyle changing buddies 🙂

      And you are able to run 4 miles further than I can run. My knees prevent me from running, so it will be a lot of yoga, resistance training and light cardio for me. I started doing yoga a few months ago and noticed an immediate difference in my back and hips. It’s a good thing.

  3. Sounds like all good goals! I have been exercising more this year and though I can’t say I love it, I do feel better when I do it! Unfortunately, I haven’t lost a lot of weight BUT I have lost inches. And apparently gained muscle. I am going to work on limiting my electronic time too. I won’t give up FB (it is the best way to keep up with family, some of who I wouldn’t really get to correspond with otherwise) but I am going to limit my time.

    • I need to lose weight, but loosing inches is a really good thing. I think reliance on the scale can be a really bad thing. Seeing those numbers goes down gives us a sense of real accomplishment, but we aren’t necessarily doing healthy things to reduce those numbers. So, while I certainly need to lose weight, I also need to lose inches and put on more muscle.

      Giving up FB doesn’t mean you have to lose contact with anyone. Over the last year I’ve sent more letters and cards to people. Yes, it takes more time, but a hand-written letter has a personal touch that one can never replace electronically. We have a collection of letters that hubby’s mom and dad had written to each other. Seeing their handwriting on paper is so very special.

      • Well, with these family members, it would be losing contact. They aren’t writers by any means. They will do quick FB updates and that is it. It has been neat establishing a relationship with them because as kids, our paths didn’t cross very often. I do plan on doing some handwritten letters for my grandmother though.

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