A 1980’s show about a wealthy oil family

living at Southfork Ranch.

There is also this Dallas.

The third largest city in Texas behind Houston and San Antonio.

The ninth largest city in the U.S.

Dallas and the surrounding areas are home to the Cowboys (football), Mavericks (basketball), Rangers (baseball), FC Dallas (soccer) and the Stars (hockey).

By year end, it will also be home to the Weeks Family.

Hubby was offered and accepted a new role with Microsoft down in the Dallas area.  On top of that, we have family in the North Dallas area, so it’s a great relocation spot for our family.

However, we are leaving some very important people behind when we leave Illinois.  Two of our sons will be here as well as other family and friends.  We will most certainly come back for visits, but two people we will be leaving behind make this move very difficult.

FS1 and FS2 have been with us for about 15 months now.  We’ve watched them grow and change and we feel very sad to be saying good-bye to these two little people.  While we wish we could have continued to be their family, foster care in Illinois (as well as many other places), is a slow process and at this point, there is no definite end in sight for these two little boys.  So we must trust that we’ve had a positive impact on their lives and that our agency will do their due diligence in finding a wonderful new home for them.

I’m quite sure this move will provide great material for future blog posts, so please check back from time to time and see what’s happening as we move World of Weeks from Illinois to Texas in the coming weeks.



  1. Wow what a great place to be relocated! So happy for you and your family ! Sad for the boys ….hope they find a couple that was so loving and as devoted as you two!

  2. Wow! Moving to Texas. You did want change. You will get it. Enjoy. I’ll envy you when it gets cold this winter and I get to milk 2 cows in the unheated barn, but next summer when it is to hot even here, I won’t envy you. I’m sad for the 2 little boys you leave behind. I never concidered that side of fostering.
    April in MO.

    • Yes, we did want a change. We just didn’t know exactly where that change would take us :-).

      Every area of the country has good and bad.

      We look forward to leaving Illinois winters behind. No more shoveling inches and inches of snow is very appealing to me. Although my girls love the snow and are already complaining about that aspect of the move.

      Summers will certainly be hotter than they are here, so we’ll be looking for a house with a pool or will be adding a pool to whatever home we buy.

      And the downside of this move is leaving our foster sons behind. We fully intended to see this through to the end. However, the end is turning out to be quite different than we had envisioned.

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