RV Living is the Life For Me

This life certainly isn’t for everyone and I’ve had moments where I wondered if it’s the life for me.  However, those moments have passed quickly and we’re finding our groove amongst the clutter.  We’re going to look at 5th wheels in hopes of trading Georgette in on something a little roomier to make our living arrangements more comfortable, but even while wishing for just a little more room, I’m really enjoying our tiny home living.

Here are some of the reasons RV living is the life for me.

– RVer’s are some of the friendliest people ever.  When we arrived at the RV park, the neighbor who lives behind us came over while we were getting parked.  He helped hubby move the tow dolly and invited us over to see their beautiful new 5th wheel.  Everyone smiles, waves and says hello as they pass.   Many stop to chat for a minute.  Except for the neighbor who left a day or two after we arrived.  Maybe RV living wasn’t the life for him.  In the 19+ years we lived in our home, we didn’t even know some of our neighbors.  The ones we knew, we rarely saw.  This is a pleasant change.

– RV parks offer lots of opportunity to socialize.  Every Tuesday morning there is a women’s coffee get-together as well as monthly pot lucks and get-togethers.

– Tiny space means less cleaning.  Just a little bit of clutter is a big thing in a small space, which is why we’re hoping we can find a good deal and move into something just a little bigger.  But even with clutter it takes very little time to clean this small space.  Less time cleaning means more time exploring and enjoying life.

– Being in this small space seems to be bringing us closer together.  We aren’t spending time in separate rooms of a house.  We’re spending time together and so far enjoying each other’s company.  The girls seem to be loving their time together too and that’s a wonderful thing.

– RVer’s seek each other out.  Today we met up with another full-time RVer and her two kids.  We spent a couple hours hiking and visiting, with plans to meet weekly.

– RVers like to share information.  So far most of the information shared has been very helpful.

– Walking the dogs, walking to get the mail or go to the laundry room means more exercise.  When the weather warms up, we’ll have access to the swimming pool at the RV park.  All the exercise is a really good thing for us.

Will we tire of living in our small space?  Only time will tell, but right now I’m enjoying the adventure and the challenge of RV living.  It certainly seems to be the life for me.






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