8 Days Til Christmas

Twas 8 days til Christmas and in the RV

Mommy and daddy were waiting to see

Where they would put all their belongings

Additional storage mommy was longing

No room for their clothing, toys or shoes

More space they were needing for things to improve

Their beautiful home on wheels not enough

For living a life that included their stuff

Some space for an office daddy was needing

Research on 5th wheels, mommy was reading

8 days til Christmas, St. Nick on his way

And mommy’s requested a much bigger sleigh


  1. Seven days now ‘til Christmas and daddy is stressed,
    he wants to be helpful, he’s doing his best.
    He’s put things away in each cranny and nook,
    some things he removed, to his office he took.
    He’ll soon take you shopping to look at 5th wheels,
    and he’ll make one your home if he gets a good deal
    And if not he will help you to purchase more shelves,
    to store all the things for you, him, and the elves.
    But regardless of home – this RV or some other,
    We’ll do just fine because we have each other

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