The Journey Continues

We are still moving along in our foster care licensing process.

Our original plan was to be licensed by now so we could do some respite care of other foster families.  However, some of the rules here in Texas, have slowed us down considerably and it’s unlikely we’ll be licensed before our cruise.  Yet, we are making progress.

Most of our paperwork is done and submitted, but we have a few more things to do on the house before our agency comes out for our home study.

The way Texas runs their foster care program reminds me of a group home mentality.  We have to have our floor plan with exit routes posted on each floor of our home.  We have to have family rules posted.  Fire extinguishers on each level of the home and they must be certified by the Fire Marshall (wish I would have known this when he came out to inspect our home).  Yes, that’s correct, the Fire Marshall had to come and inspect our home and complete a report.  The Health Department also has to come and do a home inspection and report.

Like I said, there are some rules here that slow us down and we have to comply to get our license.  There are a lot of children depending on us and other foster parents, to help them.  So we stay focused and continue on.

I wasn’t a fan of writing up some random family rules and displaying them on the wall.  It’s bad enough that I have to post evacuation routes on my wall, so I needed to find something decorative that would comply with the rules.  I was able to find several things and can’t wait to get them hung.

I’ve found several others that I would love to purchase and display as well.  Same styles, similar messages, all positive in their content.  I love it!!

Now, if I could come up with a more decorative way of displaying evacuations routes, I would be a happy camper.

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