Traveling Europe

We’re 6 days away from our next cruise while hubby and I discuss a possible trip to Europe.

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Hubby lived in Germany, but that was 32 years ago and as he tells me now, he really didn’t care about travel when he was there.  He regrets that a bit now and as we discuss what countries we would like to visit, we realize our dreams of seeing Europe will require many weeks of travel.  We’ll likely only have a couple of weeks at a time, so we are beginning to do a little planning around which countries we want to see first.  We are making decisions on what we want to see in each country and deciding the best order in which to see each country.  We’re also checking into the best form(s) of transportation to get from country to country.

Hubby and I are in agreement on several countries . . . .

– Ireland

– Scotland

– Sweden

– Denmark

– Germany

– The Netherlands

– Switzerland

– France

Hubby is also interested in seeing Italy, where I’m interested in seeing the Czech Republic, Norway, and Spain.

At least we have a start and can begin planning our Great European Get Away (GEGA).

We’re also hoping to make a trip up to Toronto, Ontario sometime in the next year.

Great adventures await!

If you have traveled to Europe, which countries are your favorite?

Are there any others you recommend we consider?  If so, why?






  1. Planning is so much fun!! Have you considered a river cruise or small ship cruise as a way to visit multiple locations with less packing and unpacking? There are some really nice ones out there! It wouldn’t get you everywhere on your list, but you could see a nice bunch of places. My blog has a bunch of info on places we have been in Europe. Most recently we did a Tauck small ship tour and it was amazing!

    • Planning is a lot of fun!

      I suggested that we take a week-long European cruise and then spend another week in Europe seeing things we couldn’t see on our port stops. Hubby wasn’t in favor of that plan. I, of course, still thinks it’s a good idea 🙂 So thanks for the suggestion.

  2. How Exciting!!!!!! I wish my hubby had the “travel bug”!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you have any questions about Ireland!

    • My hubby doesn’t have the travel bug to the extent the girls and I do, but he does enjoy traveling and that’s a good thing for me.

      I will most definitely touch base when/if we go to Ireland.

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