We brought a most precious gift home with us from Guatemala two years ago and a big piece of our heart remains in Guatemala. So I have a written record of what has been happening and to share with those who may not be aware, here is some information on Mother Nature’s fury in Guatemala.

Many of you already know about the volcano eruption that occurred last week in Guatemala. I was in contact with Lili’s foster family and while they had quite a mess to clean up, saying everything was black from the ash, everyone was okay.

Now this week Guatemala has been hit by Tropical Storm Agatha.

Mayan Families has been hard hit by the storm and you can read information here and see pictures here.

I’ve emailed Lili’s foster family to make sure everyone is okay, but have no idea if they have power so I don’t know when I’ll hear back from them. Hopefully, they are okay.


Just received word from Lili’s foster family. They are all okay, but very scared. They had rains for 24 hours straight which caused significant flooding. The government is also warning people that due to the volcano eruption, the possibility of an earthquake within the next month is a possibility.


  1. oh my, they did get hit hard. had no clue. so glad that everybody is OK.praying for the people from guatemala.God bless,mel

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