Look Who’s Crawling

Naomi started crawling a couple weeks ago. At first it was much faster and easier doing the army crawl, but within a week she was getting around on all fours with ease. This little girl is on the move and she means business. Now she’s trying to figure out how to pull herself up to standing. She pulls herself up to things staying on her knees because she’s a bit too scared to pull herself all the way up to standing, but it won’t be much longer I’m sure. And she’s such a great helper in the kitchen.


  1. She looks so proud of herself in her new accomplishments! I love seeing pictures of her. What joy she must bring you! Still thinking of you often.

  2. That's to cute. Now she will be into everything, he he.She has grown so much over the last few weeks – amazing :-)ENJOY!!

  3. Adorable! And it's insane how fast she's growing. Our kids CAN crawl, but lately they like to pretend they CAN'T in hopes that the Mama or the Dada will come and get them. But unfortunately for them, we are not suckers. Well, okay, sometimes we are…

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