With two growing girls, there seems to always be something new happening on our house.

Naomi has been practicing and can now pull herself up to standing.

Not sure what is up with the crazy face, but she was very proud of her accomplishment.

We bought the girls a swing set and both think it’s great fun.

Sorry the pictures are a little dark. I forgot to change my camera setting and the sun was going down. Oops!

I’ve started working with Lili on writing her name.

I thought this was pretty good for a first attempt.


  1. I think that is an excellent first attempt at a name. Impressive! They are both growing…such beautiful faces and fun personalities!

  2. oh my – can't believe she's pulling up and everything. she's growing so quickly and makes such huge progress. and good job lili on writing your name – that's just to cute 😉

  3. They are growing up so fast. I can't wait to see them again. June 20th can't get here fast enough. Lili did a great job on her name. She is was smart cookie. Naomi is as beautiful as ever.

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