We Be Jammin’

Making jam!! A first for me. But not just any jam, I made mango jam.  Mangoes are Lili’s all-time favorite fruit.

It looks like jam, but does it taste like jam.  To find out I turned to the mango lover in our house.  She gave it a taste and loved it.  So much in fact, she tried to put her spoon back into the jar for more, so I would say it’s a keeper. It was also a great way to use some mangoes that weren’t quite ripe enough to eat.





    • I am not fond of jam or jelly. I did give this a taste test and it tasted fine to me. Then hubby and Lili tried some on toast this morning. The reviews weren’t quite as good as I had hoped. Apparently it’s not as sweet as what I purchase from the grocery store and doesn’t have a big mango flavor. As hubby put it, it’s a little bland.

      Back to the drawing board. Maybe more mango and a touch more sugar next time.

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